• Dr. Manoj Goyal

    We have found Anandghan Ventures and their representatives to be both polite and professional in their work and work practices. They were excellent and prompt for every type of communication.

    Dr. Susheel Sharma

    Anandghan Ventures have done a good job and their workmanship in particular was excellent, Additionally as an agency they are well behaved with professional attitude to project management and allied issues

  • Mr. Rajeev Vora

    I am pleased to say that Anandghan Ventures is an excellent Civil Construction Company. They and specially Ajoy Jhunjhunwala ji hold high value for the work, and are always committed to it.
    I wish them and Ajoy ji a great Journey ahead.

    Mr. Ashutosh Tripathi

    A big appreciation to Anandghan Ventures. Timely delivery of all School Buildings with very good quality work. Their experience & excellence says it all. Satisfied time and again.

  • Dr. Nitin Jain

    Till date my experience says that ananghan ventures has a very bright future.not because I have to say something but it’s all because there way of working ,commitment and above all there simple and cool nature with customers makes the difference from others.

    Mr. Saurav Kothari

    Experience speaks, My best wishes to Anandghan Ventures.

  • Ar. Sachin Kothari

    Thumbs up! Team of Anandghan Ventures!!! Tried and tested. Professional yet personal with their approach and efforts. Best Luck.

    Ar. Ashish Acharjee

    Anandghan Ventures was the Primary execution agency to have successfully constructed one of our projects in Kolkata - a 95000 sft institutional building funded by the Dhanuka Dhunseri Charitable trust of Kolkata. Anandghan Ventures as primary execution agency have done a good job and their workmanship in particular was excellent.

  • Mr. Sanket Jain

    Anandghan Ventures and their dedicated team were very good and efficient. They constructed Sky International School well within the expected time frame.

    Mr. Gopal Menon

    Anandghan Ventures have done a commendable job in building Adarsh International School